We are Alisa Bank

Alisa Bank is a Finnish digital bank that helps both personal and business customers to manage their day-to-day finances in straightforward and flexible manner. We offer comprehensive banking services to ordinary Finns as well as to small and medium-sized companies. Our company's shares are listed on the main list of Nasdaq Helsinki (ALISA) and we have an authorisation granted by the Financial Supervisory Authority.

Key figures at the end of 2023

Loan portfolio

EUR 173 million

Deposit portfolio

EUR 269 million

Customer portfolio

57 500 customers

Our services

We offer personal and business customers comprehensive everyday banking and financial services as well as an attractive and safe return on deposits. We particularly invest in easy-to-use and smooth mobile and online banking as well as good personal customer service.

Our strategy

Our strategy is based on four cornerstones, which give us a solid foundation to create a competitive advantage and grow our business:

  • Superior customer experience: we combine easy-to-use digital services with personal customer service that is knowledgeable and easy to understand.
  • Profitable products for selected customer segments: our service selection is tailored especially for individuals who appreciate easy-to-use everyday basic banking services and flexible financing, for SMEs that need flexible banking and financial services, and for savers looking for safe and competitive interest income.
  • Operational efficiency: with a digital operating model, modern IT systems, a targeted range of services combined with efficient organization and competent personnel, we aim for high operational efficiency.
  • A financially solid, trustworthy Finnish bank: we are a trustworthy Finnish bank with committed and strong anchor owners. At the core of our operations is responsibility in lending and clarity in our customer communication.

Our vision and mission

In our opinion, handling banking matters should not be complicated, slow or difficult. Our mission is to offer the smoothest everyday banking services on the market to selected customer segments. It means the entire path, from becoming a customer to paying bills, applying for a loan and managing a loan. For the customer, handling banking matters at Alisa Bank should be so fast and smooth that it can be done almost unnoticed.

Our vision is to be the bank for the smoothest everyday life for our customers. We are now focusing on the Finnish market, but in the coming years, our proven infrastructure and know-how accumulated from lending in other markets will enable us to grow internationally, especially in Germany and Denmark.

Our values

When implementing the strategy, we are guided by the values we have created together. First of all, we focus on solving real problems - the ones that make our customers' everyday lives smoother. Secondly, we innovate with an open-minded approach. Thirdly, we take responsibility above all for serving customers in the best possible way, and we expect each employee to do their part in achieving our common goals. Finally, we value every customer equally, and we value the contribution and expertise of every colleague. By acting in this way, we create a strong company culture and a good team spirit, which enable us to take firm steps towards our vision.

Our history

We have been operating since April 2022, when Fellow Finance, the leading crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending service in the Nordics, merged with part of Evli Bank. The new bank combined the strengths of the two merged companies: Fellow Finance's solid experience in lending and digital services, and Evli Bank's strong expertise in deposit banking and risk management.

In April 2023, we changed our name from Fellow Bank to Alisa Bank. The new name communicates even better that we are a financially solid Finnish bank that is easy to approach and understand.

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