Reports and Presentations

GROUP’S KEY FIGURES (EUR 1,000)1-12/20231-12/2022
Net interest income14,7579,053
Net commission and fee income1,7851,511
Total operating expenses-11,398-11,601
Impairment of receivables-4,999-8,321
Profit before taxes303-9,684
*Profit before non-recurring items and taxes 832-7,750
Cost / income ratio, %68113
Balance sheet total312,841291,661
Return on equity (ROE), %1.2neg.
Total capital ratio (TC), %15.216.8
Common Equity Tier (CET1), %12.0 12.6
Number of employees, end of period7878
Earnings per share (EPS), EUR0.00 -0.14
Impairment of receivables / loan portfolio, %2.95.1

The comparative figures from 2022 presented for the period 1-3/2022 are not comparable due to the changed business model resulting from the merger.