Reporting suspected abuse

Our bank has a confidential notification channel through which you can safely report suspected unethical activity or misconduct, such as dishonest or illegal activity at Alisa Bank.

Please note that the notification channel is not intended for customer feedback or reclamation. Usual feedback must be given by normal feedback channels:

How do I make a report?

You can discuss the issue with the person in charge or use the notification channel. You can report either with your name or anonymously. Sensitive personal data should not be included in the notification, unless it is necessary for the description of the notification and its processing.

You can access the notification channel here: Alisa Bank's notification channel

How will my notification be processed?

All notifications are handled appropriately and confidentially. We always protect the identity of the notifier, the subject of the notification and other parties mentioned in the notification. The information in the notification will only be processed by authorized persons, and we will not disclose the information to outside parties. However, we can disclose information within the limits permitted by law, for example to the authorities.

When will I receive an answer?

We will inform you via the notification channel within three months what measures we may take based on your notification. We can also ask you for more information via the notification channel. Please save the code that you will receive after submitting the notification. That way you can follow the processing of the notification.

More information about the encryption of the identity of the informant

In the technical implementation of the notification channel, an external subcontractor has been used, who does not have access to the information of the notification. Only Alisa Bank's authorized notification handlers have access to notifications.

The notifier can, if he wishes, give his name and contact information with the notification, but the notification can always be made anonymously. The processors who receive the notification do not have access to the technical information that could identify the notifier.