23.4.2024 14.10
Press Release

Alisa Bank and Accountor introduce a new type of business bank account

Alisa Bank Plc Press Release 23.4.2024 AT 14.10 EEST

Alisa Bank and Accountor are launching a business bank account called Tili a+ for Procountor’s Finnish customers. The Tili a+ is a current account for companies offered by Alisa Bank, which includes a bank connection to Procountor. Procountor is used by nearly 90 000 companies in Finland, to whom the service will be offered. The Tili a+ is scheduled to be available to Procountor customers during the summer of 2024.

The Tili a+ is an affordable solution for companies that want to save on fees charged through a bank connection. The Tili a+ does not include transaction-specific costs compared to traditional business bank accounts. A customer only pays a fixed monthly fee for the service. In addition to this, deposits on the Tili a+ business accounts are paid a competitive interest rate.

Read more and join the waiting list: procountor.fi/yrityksen-pankkitili

Furthermore, Alisa Bank and Accountor plan to launch an investigation to find out if Alisa Bank’s other banking and financial services could also be offered to Procountor’s customers.

The Tili a+ business account is part of the BaaS (Banking-as-a-Service) collaboration between Alisa Bank and Accountor. The cooperation is based on Alisa Bank's strategy, where banking and financial services are offered in the channels and moments when companies and consumers manage their financial affairs. BaaS services are planned to form a significant pillar for Alisa Bank's growth in the future. The bank's technological know-how enables the implementation of these integrated services in an agile and efficient manner.

Juha Saari, Interim CEO, Alisa Bank: "We are very excited about starting the collaboration and the opportunity to offer banking services that truly serve SMEs better together with the leading Finnish provider of financial management software solutions called Accountor. Alisa Bank's goal is to offer integrated digital banking services where they are needed daily. Offering integrated services on Procountor’s financial management software is a significant step in advancing the bank's strategy and providing smoother banking services to SMEs."

"The Tili a+ is a step towards better banking services for small businesses. Data transfer between a bank account and a financial management software is perhaps the biggest challenge of banking services for small businesses and we want to solve this. The Tili a+ truly helps all stakeholders who use Procountor," says Mikko Soirola, Accountor CEO, Software.

Further information

Juha Saari, Interim CEO, Alisa Bank Plc, juha.saari@alisapankki.fi, tel. +358 40 672 0595.

Alisa Bank in brief

Alisa Bank is a Finnish digital bank that helps both personal and business customers to manage their day-to-day finances in straightforward and flexible manner. We offer comprehensive banking services to ordinary Finns as well as to small and medium-sized companies. Our company’s shares are listed on the main list of Nasdaq Helsinki (ALISA) and we have a authorisation granted by the Financial Supervisory Authority. www.alisapankki.com

Accountor in brief

Procountor is the leading digital financial management software in Finland and part of Accountor’s FMS software business. Accountor specializes in software solutions and outsourcing services for financial and HR services. The group employs about 2 300 experts in six countries. The mission is to help customers use the possibilities of modern technology and digitalization in their everyday work. Accountor is involved in the UN Global Compact initiative and follows its principle-based approach to responsible business. The company's head office is in Espoo. In addition to Finland, the company operates in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland and Ukraine. Accountor Group's turnover in 2023 was over €280 million. www.accountor.com