28.2.2024 11.50
Stock Exchange Release

Alisa Bank Plc's Annual Report 2023 has been published

Alisa Bank Plc Stock Exchange Release 28.2.2024 AT 11.50 EET

Alisa Bank Plc has published its Annual Report 2023 in English. The Annual Report includes a summary of company’s highlights for 2023, CEO’s review, company’s Financial Statements, Board of Director’s Report and Auditor’s Report for the financial year 2023.

In addition, Alisa Bank has published as a separate report its Corporate Governance Statement, Capital and Risk Management Report as well as Remuneration Report for 2023.

The Annual Report, the Corporate Governance Statement and the Remuneration Report are available in Finnish and English. The Capital and Risk Management report is available in English.

Alisa Bank has also published its Annual Report as an XHTML file in accordance with the reporting requirements of the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF). The Consolidated Financial Statements have been labelled with XBRL tags. ESEF reporting has not been verified by auditors.

The Annual Report is attached to this release as an XHTML file as well as a PDF file. The Corporate Governance Statement, the Capital and Risk Management Report and the Remuneration Report are also attached to this release. The reports are also available on the corporate website at www.alisabank.com/reports-and-presentations.

Further information

Teemu Nyholm

CEO, Alisa Bank Plc
tel. +358 50 577 1028

Alisa Bank in brief

Alisa Bank Plc is a Finnish digital bank that helps both personal and business customers to manage their day-to-day finances in a flexible and straightforward manner. For savers, we offer an attractive interest rate on deposits. Alisa Bank Plc is regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland and listed on Nasdaq Helsinki’s main list (ALISA). www.alisabank.com

Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023 (ESEF, ZIP file)

Corporate Governance Statement 2023

Remuneration Report 2023

Capital and Risk Management Report 2023